Congratulations! you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. You are also a coffee lover and want to drink "The Best Coffee on Any Trail" from Trail Magic Coffee Roasters. Thank you very much for choosing our coffee to help rejuvenate your body and spirit on your future adventure.

1. Choose the coffee you want to have sent to all your mail drops on the trail.

2. Choose the WEEKLY Subscription. One 12oz bag will be shipped each week to the address you provide. We ship whole bean coffee. If you want it ground and ready to brew let us know, "I want my Coffee Ground" and we will prepare it to drip grind.

3. Email us at your mail drop addresses (PO and Hostels) and your approximate arrival time to pick up your package. We will send your coffee 7 days in advance of your arrival. This should allow plenty of time for shipping so your coffee is ready to pick up.  Our coffee bags ship in a padded manilla envelope (so you know what to look for). Use your legal given name, no trail names. You will have to show ID at PO's.

We Will Write On The Package: HOLD FOR: "your name"

4. On the WEEKLY subscriptions your Credit Card will be charged weekly. If you have to leave the trail and are not planning to continue email us to stop your subscription.  Some orders may ship out before we can cancel the subscription. In this case, have your last package forwarded to your home address. TMCr can not forward packages once they are sent or delivered.

5. Note: Having your weekly coffee orders shipped to your home address or to the person who is packaging and sending your resupply boxes would be the best solution. This way all your items are in one box and you don't have to remember to p/u two packages. Some Hostels and Post Offices aka PO's may charge a small fee for holding each hiker package.

Hike On!