V60 Pour Over

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Demystifying the coffee pour over technique.

Taking the hocus-pocus out of the pour-over coffee technique

Preheat the filter and cup. Heat your water 195-205 degrees F. Weigh your coffee: 10-grams per 6-ounces of water. Grind your coffee. Add your coffee to the Filter. Pour-over your desired amount of water. Let percolate. Enjoy!

If only it were that easy. Its not. So read on to achieve your perfect cup of coffee.

Follow these simplified rules and techniques and soon you will be a star home pour-over Barista!

Lets brew some pour-over. Timers and Scales and Swirling pours Oh, My!

  1. Equipment: 1-liter/+ goose neck kettle, burr coffee grinder, favorite coffee mug or cup, V60 pour-over with a cone filter, gram/ounce scale, filtered non-softened water, timer and Trail Magic coffee.

  2. Add filtered water to the full line in your goose neck kettle and begin to heat to 205 degrees F.

  3. Weigh your coffee beans. 10-grams per 6-oz of water.

  4. Grind your coffee to a coarse sea salt consistency with a burr grinder.

  5. Fold flat perforation on V60/02 coffee filter and put filter in the V60 dripper.

  6. Pre-heat both the dripper w/filter and coffee cup with hot water.

  7. Let the hot water filter through the dipper filter paper then add the ground coffee, empty the hot water from the coffee cup.

  8. Put the cup on the scale and zero the scale.

  9. Put the dripper on the cup.

  10. When the kettle water is 205 degrees F start to pour over the coffee grounds in a slow counter clockwise direction starting at the center of the grounds with just enough water to wet the grounds. Let the wetted grounds bloom and drain for 30-seconds.

  11. Pour over the same way a second time filling the dripper about 2/3's the way full. Shake or swirl gently to settle the grounds evenly in the cone. You may also stir gently with a small spoon.

  12. Pour over the same way a third time about 2/3's the way full. Using one of the previous methods to settle the grounds evenly in the cone. Lift the dripper as it drains checking the fill weight. When you have collected the proper amount of water to coffee stop.

  13. Remove the dripper and let it drain in a pan or the sink.

  14. Let the coffee in the cup cool for 1-minute. Then Enjoy!

Special Notes:

I weigh my coffee with a small gram scale and use a oz scale for weighing the cup and dripper set-up. If you are using a large enough gram scale to hold your mug or cup make the metric volume conversion.

Water temperatures between 195-205 degree F are optimal for pour-over coffee extraction. Some temperatures work better than others depending on the level of roast. Experiment with what works best for you and your roasted coffee.

You want to target 3-4 minutes for the whole process to take place. I'm pretty consistent at 3-minutes and 30-seconds.

My water to coffee ratio for a 12-oz cup of coffee goes like this: zero your cup on the scale then add your dripper with pre-wetted filter and coffee. 20 grams fresh ground coffee to 12-oz water.

I start my 30-second bloom with 3-oz of 205 degree F water. Remember some water is absorbed by the grounds and never enters your cup.

After 30-seconds I slowly pour-over 5-oz of hot water, lightly shake the dripper to settle coffee grounds evenly in the cone, let drain, repeat. During the last fill I lift the dripper and watch the scale till it reads 12-oz, then remove. Don't worry if there's still water in the cone you have extracted the best of the coffee already. If you over-shoot your fill by 10th's of an ounce its not the end of the world and you will still have a great cup of coffee.

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