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The Facts


Do you have a store or coffee shop I can visit and buy from?  We are an online e-commerce store and we now have Wisconsin's 1st coffee trailer/mobile coffee roastery. We fresh roast our coffee on the coffee trailer using a 3lb fluid bed roaster. 


Do you ship bags of coffee? 

Yes, we offer Free shipping via USPS to the lower 48 of the USA. For overseas shipping please email us the specific information and address and we can work up a shipping quote for you.


What is the best measurement for Trail Magic Coffee?

We recommend 2-heaping tablespoons of ground coffee per 6-oz/178ml water. If you are using a gram scale: 10grams per 6-oz/178 ml per water. Adjust to your own tastes as needed.


Is there a particular water temperature I should be using? Water between 195-205 degrees F is optimal. Higher temperatures work well with lighter roasts and lower with darker. Experiment to your own taste. On the trail bring your desired amount of water just to a boil then turn off the heat and let it cool for 1-minute. Then brew your coffee.


Where are you located?

Our main office is in Richfield, WI. We also vend at several local farmers' markets and other locations throughout Wisconsin. Check our Event Calendar for upcoming events and times.


What size are your bags of coffee? 

Our bags of coffee are offered in

12 oz (340g ) and 5-pound bags. We primarily sell our coffee whole bean and it must be ground before use. You may also request your coffee ground and we will grind it to a drip grind or if you have a special grind request let us know.


What about water? 

Use non-softened water. I like to carbon filter my brewing water prior to making my coffee using a carbon-filter type water pitcher. If you are on the trail use the clearest, coldest stream or spring water you can find. Make sure to use an approved water filter for back country use.

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