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Our Story 

Many of a hiker's first experiences with "Trail Magic" is on a

long-distance hiking trail. It could be a bottle of water, cold soda's rock dammed near a creek crossing, a ride to a hostel, or as it happened to myself a fellow hiker gave me her last half bag of coffee as I was still 4-days from the nearest town.

Trail Magic: "Acts of Generosity"

My hiking experiences:

Appalachian Trail "thru-hike" March 1-August 22, 2006

Long Trail, Vermont, 272 miles, August 2009 22 days.

Ice Age Trail, Wisconsin, Started 2017 with long section hikes, 90 miles to finish. 

Shorter section hikes of various other long-distance trails in the USA.

 Trail Magic Coffee Roasters gives back with volunteer efforts and "gifts of generosity" to support the maintenance and building of the great long-distance trails our coffees represent.

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