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Featured Coffee

12oz coffee bag, Ice Age Trail Magic Yellow Blaze Coffee
12oz coffee bag, Appalachian Trail Magic Thru Hiker Coffee
12oz coffee bag, Long Trail Magic Two Seven Two Coffee
12oz coffee bag, Roadwalk Trail Magic Down the Road Coffee

 Orders placed by December 12th will arrive in time for Christmas. After that?

Check the Event page for all of our Christmas Market happenings!


TM makes the best coffee you can buy

This is the best roasted whole-bean coffee we’ve ever had. The knowledge and craftsmanship of Trail Magic Coffee Roasters, not to mention their care and kindliness, can not be topped. Try some, you will love it! ––TE, Door County, Wisconsin

Tim E. 

Highly recommended!

Makes a great espresso and latte. Ordering is always easy and quick delivery with fresh roast.

Andrew R., La Crosse, WI

Great coffee! Very flavorful and smooth. Always easy to work with when ordering online. Happy hiking!



I bought a bag of Angel Decaf at Cranberry Fest. It's hard to find a good decaf but this is the best I've had. I plan on ordering more.

Patty T.

picked up a bag for my workplace and everyone liked it. consistent, dark roast.

Josh E.


Highly recommended!

Very fast delivery and excellent flavor

Warren D. Baraboo, WI



"The Best Trail Magic Presents Itself when it is

Least Expected"

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