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Coffee Repackaging for the Trail

Updated: 3 days ago

The following pictures and descriptions describe the method I personally use to enjoy fresh ground coffee while out hiking in the wild.


Equipment you will need:

A Food Saver or similar type of vacuum bag sealer machine (I use the 8" size).

Roll of food-safe sealable bags are usually made for the type of machine you are using.


Gram Scale

Conical burr grinder or whatever coffee grinder you like best.

Permanent marker for labeling bags.

Fresh roasted Trail Magic Coffee

  1. Cut your sealable bag to your desired length (I cut mine to 4.5") then seal one end of the bag as shown.

2. Weigh your Trail Magic freshly roasted coffee beans on a gram scale. My recommended weight is 10 grams per 6 ounces of water. I measured 20 grams for a 12-ounce cup of coffee.

3. Grind your coffee beans. I grind my coffee beans to a coarse sea salt consistency using a hand-crank ceramic burr grinder. Choose the grind type that best suits your brewing method. In my case I'm using this for my trail coffee brewing method, this is also the same grind size I use for pour-over.

4. After the coffee is ground, quickly but carefully add the coffee to your precut and one-end sealed bag. Then place it in the vacuum sealer and vacuum seal the bag shut.

5. Label your sealed coffee. My sealable bags have an area for labeling and I use a permanent marker on this label area. In my case, I simply write YB for my Ice Age Trail Magic "Yellow Blaze" roast coffee.

6. Trim your sealed bag. I trim mine about .25" from the seal line.

7. That's It! You now have a vacuum-packed single serving of Fresh Ground Trail Magic Coffee. Pack it up and it's all ready to use on your next backpacking adventure or for any traveling.


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