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Coffee Repackaging for the Trail

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The following pictures and descriptions describe the method I personally use to enjoy fresh ground coffee while out hiking in the wilds.


Equipment you will need:

A Food Saver or similar type of vacuum bag sealer machine (I use the 8" size).

Roll of food-safe heat seal bags are usually made for the type of machine you are using.


Gram Scale

Conical burr grinder or whatever coffee grinder you like best. I have a very nice conical burr coffee grinder for sale on my Gear page.

Permanent marker for labeling bags.

Fresh roasted Trail Magic Coffee. I'm using my go-to hiking coffee, my Ice Age Trail Magic "Yellow Blaze" Coffee, a medium roast breakfast blend.

  1. Cut your bag to your desired length (I cut mine to 4.5") then seal one end of the bag as shown.